Process of IT staff augmentation

The process of IT Staff Augmentation

Imagine you have a big project but not enough hands on deck to get it done. That’s where staff augmentation swoops in to save the day! Instead of hiring full-time employees, you bring in awesome experts from a staffing agency to join your team temporarily. These experts have top-notch skills that give your project a boost and help you reach your goals faster.


The cool thing about staff augmentation is that it lets companies grow their workforce without the hassle of extra expenses. So, whether you need tech whizzes or people with different skills, they’ll work right alongside your regular team, even if they’re working from a different location.


This approach is like a superhero for IT groups because it helps them save money while supercharging their productivity. But before diving in, it’s super important to understand how this model works, its perks, and how it can benefit your team before giving it a go.

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Why is it essential for your business

Having staff augmentation in your business toolkit is like having a superpower for adaptability. It lets you build a team that can quickly grow or shrink depending on how much work you’ve got on your plate or when unexpected opportunities pop up.


Think of it this way: when your sales skyrocket during a specific season or when you suddenly need to fill job spots due to people leaving, these temporary workers and contractors swoop in to save the day. They help you handle the extra workload or plug the gaps without the hassle of bringing on permanent staff and all the costs that come with it. It’s like having a team that can shape-shift to match your business needs!

How Does the Staff Augmentation Process Work?

There are some steps for staff augmentation process work.


  • Determine Needs: Identify the specific skills and experience required for your business or project. Decide on the number of individuals needed to accomplish the tasks.


  • Recruitment Partner: Your recruitment partner helps find specialists who match your needs. They search through their databases to locate suitable tech experts. After screening, they arrange interviews with chosen candidates. Starting with a trial period or a small project can help evaluate their performance before full employment.


  • Advertisement for Openings: Advertise job positions on platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, or similar networks. Clearly outline the skills required and project details to attract suitable candidates.


  • Candidate Evaluation: Review resumes and assess candidates based on predetermined criteria. Shortlist those meeting the basic requirements for further consideration.


  • Interviews and Tests: Conduct interviews with HR to understand candidates better. Personality and skills tests may be administered to gauge their fit for the job and company culture.


  • Final Selection: Based on evaluations and interviews, select candidates who best fit the job role and team requirements. They might undergo technical interviews to ensure their skills align with the project needs.


In essence, staff augmentation involves determining your needs, partnering with recruitment firms to find suitable experts, advertising job openings, evaluating candidates, conducting interviews, and finally selecting the best-suited individuals to join your team temporarily.

Why Should Companies Use Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a flexible method to outsource skilled IT resources and integrate them into your internal team. Managed by a staff augmentation vendor, this approach reduces a company’s expenses, time, and effort in hiring full-time staff members.


Offshore and nearshore IT staff augmentation services offer numerous advantages for companies of varying sizes and scopes. 


Some core benefits include:


  1. Employing qualified professionals remotely to work for your company.
  2. Reduced costs compared to local hiring rates.
  3. Access to a larger talent pool from around the world.
  4. Availability of tech graduates equipped with fresh ideas and advanced skill sets, eager to step into the industry.
  5. Ability to expand your in-house team and efficiently manage labor resources.


IT staff augmentation in Pakistan is proving to be incredibly beneficial for countless companies today. If you’re concerned about cost efficiency, outsourcing software development services, Pakistan is an excellent choice for your company. According to industry insights, Pakistan is among the leading regions in the CEE for the price/quality ratio. 


Hourly rates of Pakistani tech experts range from $25 to $60, which is significantly lower compared to the US or UK market. Therefore, you can obtain top-notch software solutions at highly reasonable costs!

Why Should Companies Use Staff Augmentation

In Pakistan, the tech industry showcases significant growth and potential. The country boasts a substantial number of over 125,000 developers, with projections indicating an increase to over 200,000 tech specialists entering the industry by the end of 2024. Pakistan is home to a diverse tech landscape, featuring more than 20,000 tech companies, with a focus on software development services evident among over 12,000 of these companies.


The IT sector in Pakistan holds a vital position as one of the country’s key export industries. Outsourced services make up a significant portion of this sector, attracting a multitude of foreign companies eager to leverage Pakistan’s extensive talent pool in technology.


Impressively, within the region, Pakistan stands out as a significant exporter of IT services. Estimates suggest that Pakistan’s exports in the IT services sector reached around $5.4 billion in 2023, with projections anticipating a substantial rise to $8.4 billion by 2025.

IT Staff Augmentation

Let’s say you have a project to develop an app, but your current team doesn’t have the expertise needed to modify the software’s platform. This is where IT staff augmentation comes in handy. It’s like calling in expert reinforcements to help out.


You might decide to hire one or two developers through IT staff augmentation services. These experts have the specific skills required to work on your project and can speed up the app development process significantly.


Here are key points to remember when choosing resources from an IT Staff Augmentation partner:

Expanding In-House Team

You want to add a developer or a team to boost your existing resources for a particular project or task.

Detailed Discussion

Have a follow-up conversation to discuss project specifics and requirements in detail.

Selecting Skilled Specialists

Choose the most qualified professionals with the precise skill set needed for your project.

Technical Interviews

Once clients approve the candidates’ resumes, selected professionals must go through technical interviews. Typically, these interviews involve two stages: first with the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), then with higher-ups like the CEO or product managers.


In essence, IT Staff Augmentation involves bringing in specialized experts to complement your team, accelerate project progress, and achieve specific goals.

Benefits of it staff augmentation

7 Benefits of it staff augmentation

efore diving into company transformation, understanding the key advantages of the staff augmentation process is crucial.


The process of team augmentation holds immense value, particularly within the IT domain. Let’s explore what companies and their internal teams can gain through this approach.

High Productivity

Staff augmentation offers access to top-tier professionals who are prepared to dive into your project right from day one. These developers dedicate their entire focus and time to collaborate seamlessly with your in-house team.

IP Rights Security

The augmented IT team operates under your supervision, ensuring that there’s no concern regarding intellectual property rights – all rights belong to you.


You have complete freedom to scale your team based on your project’s needs. Furthermore, replacing a developer becomes easier due to access to a vast talent pool where you can hire the best individuals worldwide.

Cost Efficiency

In contrast to other models, staff augmentation involves paying fees solely according to the augmented staff’s contract. Your vendor manages all administrative and organizational expenses.

Priority to Your Project

Many developers are enthusiastic about influencing the development process and contributing to projects. The staff augmentation model provides an ideal opportunity to establish productive collaboration, making your project the primary focus.

Access to a Diverse Talent Pool

Gone are the limitations of being restricted to local developers only. Staff augmentation grants access to a vast global talent pool, enabling you to select the best developers for any project, irrespective of their location or time zone.

No Training Required

Hiring an augmented team means acquiring professional, seasoned staff members who are ready to hit the ground running from day one.

Our Process

Main Reasons to Choose MentorSol for IT Staff Augmentation

Wondering why MentorSol stands out as a top choice for IT staff augmentation services? Let’s delve into the key reasons behind choosing MentorSol for your augmentation needs:


  • Access to Seasoned Senior-Level Engineers: At MentorSol, our developers aren’t sourced through agencies; they are dedicated full-time employees equipped with extensive knowledge, skills, and a diverse portfolio of projects. Every engineer onboarded at MentorSol is a top-tier senior expert with years of industry experience. Their short ramp-up time ensures swift initiation and prompt results delivery. Regardless of your company’s challenges, we assemble a team in about 7 days, ready to tackle your needs head-on.


  • Flexible Scalability: MentorSol offers seamless team scalability without compromising on time or quality. Our adept experts collaborate to identify your in-house team’s requirements, devising the most efficient augmentation strategy for your company. Whether your business expands or undergoes changes, we ensure you acquire the precise skills needed to excel.


  • Cost Efficiency: By partnering with MentorSol’s developers as your augmented team, you pay only for the actual hours devoted to your project. Our accurate time estimations and timely deliverables eliminate budget overruns and delays. Leveraging MentorSol’s remote team can reduce costs by up to 60% compared to in-house employees. Our outsourcing rates are notably lower than those in the USA, UKRAINE, INDIA and Western Europe. But we managed to maintain the top notch quality to match the expectation of our clients.


  • Streamlined Administrative Processes: We handle all overhead and administrative tasks at no additional expense to you. Say goodbye to payments for interviews, infrastructure, onboarding, or human resource management. Our account managers oversee each aspect, covering tech equipment, infrastructure, onboarding, payroll, taxes, office management, HR processes, retention strategies, administrative duties, and more.


Choosing MentorSol means gaining access to top talent without the hassle of administrative burdens, ensuring cost-effective and efficient staff augmentation services for your business.


In wrapping up, think of staff augmentation as a secret weapon for IT companies. It’s like getting a boost in productivity without breaking the bank. This approach is fantastic because it lets businesses stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of technology by bringing in top-notch experts. It’s like having a magic wand to tap into a global pool of talent, build dream teams, save money, and handle crucial projects in today’s fast-paced tech landscape.


Need to find good candidates? We can help! Check out our staffing solutions here.


Staff augmentation is a bit like outsourcing, but with a twist – you’re adding to your own team. 

However, every outsourcing agency has its own rules. So, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons to see if this approach suits your company’s needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing model that involves hiring temporary workers to fulfill short-term or long-term job positions within a company. However, unlike traditional project outsourcing, the company retains full control over the augmented team. This setup allows for risk-sharing between the company and the vendor while enhancing workflow performance and outcomes.

Selecting the ideal staff augmentation company involves considering various factors. Assess your staffing needs and evaluate the vendor’s experience and expertise. Reviewing the vendor’s biography and examining previous work through case studies is recommended. It’s essential to find a vendor operating within your targeted field, whether it’s IT, hospitality, or healthcare.

Staff augmentation offers the opportunity to bring highly skilled experts into your in-house team at lower costs. It eliminates the need to allocate existing resources to the project or invest in training new employees. Ultimately, it enhances workflow efficiency with reasonable time, effort, and cost input.

Outsourcing involves transferring all workflow responsibilities to another organization. It can be risky, regardless of the industry or scope of work, and often involves engaging top-tier vendors exclusively. 


On the other hand, staff augmentation allows access to highly skilled individuals who work directly under your company’s leadership. Your company retains full control over the project and direct oversight of these new, top-quality resources.