20 Configuration Management Tools Reviewed For 2024-1

20 Configuration Management Tools Reviewed For 2024

Here is a list of the 10 best configuration management tools based on the reviews:


  1. Salesforce Service Cloud: Best for AI-powered support
  2. SysAid: Best CMS for manufacturing
  3. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus: Best for managing and tracking from a single console
  4. Checkmk: Best for IT monitoring
  5. Comindware Tracker: Best low-code workflow software
  6. ServiceNow: Best for IT service management
  7. ManageEngine Servicedesk Plus: Best full-stack ITSM with configuration management
  8. Pointel CMS: Best contact center configuration management
  9. Octopus: Best DevOps automation tool
  10. Micro Focus Configuration Management System: Best enterprise CMS


With an abundance of configuration management tools to choose from, determining the right one for your needs can be challenging. The goal is to guarantee that all your systems maintain a known, stable, and reliable state. 


Fortunately, I’m here to assist you! In this post, I’ll simplify your decision-making process by drawing on my personal experiences using numerous configuration management software across various systems. I’ll share my top picks for the best configuration management tools.

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What Are Configuration Management Tools?

Configuration management tools are software designed to automate the tracking and control of changes in software, hardware, and network configurations. These tools handle the setup, operation, and modification of systems and services, ensuring uniformity throughout IT environments. Their role is crucial in preserving the stability and reliability of IT infrastructure, particularly in intricate or rapidly evolving settings.


The advantages and applications of configuration management tools encompass maintaining uniformity across systems, boosting operational efficiency, and minimizing errors arising from manual configurations. They provide a structured method for handling changes, thereby mitigating risks associated with system failures or security vulnerabilities. 


These tools also enhance documentation and compliance capabilities, crucial for auditing and meeting regulatory requirements. By automating routine tasks, they liberate IT personnel to concentrate on more strategic activities, supporting scalability and enhancing decision-making in IT management.

Top 10 Configuration Management Tools Overview

Salesforce Service Cloud


Best for AI-powered support



Salesforce Service Cloud stands out as a configuration management tool offering a highly customizable platform for streamlining customer service processes.



  • Equips businesses with tools for managing customer support interactions across multiple channels.
  • Specifically designed for delivering personalized customer service and handling complex service requests.
  • Customizable workflows, approval processes, and applications tailored to business needs.
  • Management of service operations with configurable templates, role-based views, and service level tracking.



Trello, Mailchimp, HubSpot CRM, Smartsheet, Freshdesk, Guru, Boomi, CloudTalk, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, TalkDesk, Yonyx, Twilio.



Starts from $25/user/month (billed annually) with a 14-day free trial.



Best CMS for manufacturing



SysAid is recognized as the best Configuration Management System (CMS) for manufacturing, providing a comprehensive solution for mapping and monitoring IT service ecosystem assets, including computers, software, mobile devices, network infrastructure, and personnel.



  • SysAid CMDB helps track all assets and visualize their interconnections, aiding in anticipating the impact of configuration changes.
  • Hotkey feature facilitates quick incident logging for end-users situated in various locations such as the factory, warehouse floor, distribution center, or front office.
  • Offers assistance in setting up instructional self-service capabilities, addressing issues from common machinery problems to shared equipment checkouts.



Bomgar, LogMeIn, TeamViewer, Sage 50 Accounting, QuickBooks, SAP, SalesForce, Google Apps, OKTA, Dell Web Services, Nagios, EasyRun IP, Asterisk, OTRS, JIRA, CAS, One Login, OpenAM by ForgeRock, IP Filter, Office 365 SSSO, Ping Identity, Trello, Slack, Nubo.



Integrations available with SysAid Full and Enterprise (ITSM and ITSM Enterprise), Education Enterprise, and MSP editions.



Starts from $1,211 for 500 assets, accompanied by a 30-day free trial.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

Best for managing and tracking from a single console



ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, the full-stack IT Service Management (ITSM) solution from Zoho Corporation’s enterprise IT management division, is recognized for its capability to manage and track all aspects of IT infrastructure from a unified console. The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) within ServiceDesk Plus offers a centralized view of critical business services, relationship maps, and associated Configuration Items (CIs).



  • Establish clear associations between business entities by defining CIs and mapping relationships hierarchically or in a network structure.
  • Utilize predefined CI relationship types or create custom ones based on specific business requirements.
  • Mitigate risks in incidents and changes by integrating with other ITSM processes like incident and change management, building visual maps of dependencies and relationships in the CMDB.
  • Import CIs and relationship maps using CSVs and CMDB APIs.



Customized pricing available upon request, starting from $58/technician/month.


Free Offerings

Free edition for up to 5 technicians, a 30-day free trial, and an online demo.



Best for IT monitoring



Checkmk is an IT monitoring software designed to track the status and performance of diverse components within an IT infrastructure. It allows users to monitor servers, applications, networks, clouds, and virtual environments. The software’s goal is to provide IT teams with insights to ensure the reliability and efficiency of IT systems, offering both open-source and enterprise editions to cater to different organizational needs.



  • Monitors servers, applications, networks, clouds, and virtual environments.
  • Assists configuration management tools by monitoring the status and performance of managed IT infrastructure components.
  • Detects changes in configuration and alerts administrators to discrepancies or issues.
  • Integrates with configuration management databases to enrich monitoring with configuration data.



Cisco Devices, Fortinet Devices, Juniper Devices, Huawei Devices, Kemp Loadmaster, MOXA Devices, MikroTik Devices, Netgear Devices, PERLE Devices, Zebra Device, IBM Devices.



Starts from $80/month (billed annually). Free plan also available.

Comindware Tracker

Comindware Tracker

Best low-code workflow software



Comindware Tracker is a low-code workflow software solution offering configuration management functionality along with change management, incident management, knowledge management, SLA management, and other IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions. Its low-code approach features drag-and-drop workflow creation, form configuration, configurable user interfaces, and accessibility on mobile platforms.



  • All-in-one workflow software with configuration management as part of its comprehensive feature set.
  • Drag-and-drop workflow creation and form configuration for user-friendly customization.
  • Configurable user interfaces and mobile platform availability for enhanced flexibility.
  • Integration: Web services-based API facilitates integration with third-party systems such as MS Outlook, MS Active Directory, Salesforce, SurveyGizmo, and more.



Starts from $29.99/user/month with a 30-day free trial.



Best for IT service management



ServiceNow, based in the USA, offers a cloud computing platform to help companies manage workflows. It simplifies IT teams’ tasks by managing incoming requests efficiently, eliminating the need for extensive email communication. Users submitting tickets can set priority levels, attach screenshots, and provide specific job details.



  • Clean and attractive user interface for organizing job tickets and assigning tasks.
  • Mobile agents for triaging and managing jobs on the go.
  • Agent Workspace for a centralized workspace to facilitate solutions, improving agent efficiency.



Integrates with platforms like Jira, Trello, and Slack.



Customized pricing available upon request.

ManageEngine Servicedesk Plus

Best full-stack ITSM with configuration management



ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a comprehensive IT service management platform tailored for digital enterprises. It encompasses various IT Service Management (ITSM) features, including a helpdesk and release management. This overview focuses on the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) aspect.



  • Integrated asset management and CMDB functionality.
  • IT asset discovery capabilities.
  • Creation of custom Configuration Items (CIs) and relationship types.
  • Visual builder with a drag-and-drop interface for configuring relationships, displaying statuses, impacts, and other essential information.



Standard: IT helpdesk software.

Professional: Adds asset management to the helpdesk software.

Enterprise: Full-stack service management platform.



30-day free trial available, with pricing upon request for the flexible Standard, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

Pointel CMS

Pointel CMS

Best contact center configuration management



Pointel is an online tool designed to enhance visibility of changes within the configuration management environment, providing improved customer satisfaction through contact center solutions and features.



  • Genesys Cloud Implementation for building omnichannel customer experience and generating actionable cradle-to-grave reports.
  • Voice Self Service feature for interactive voice response.
  • Data warehousing and analytics capabilities.
  • Integrations with various chat apps like Slack and Google Hangouts.
  •  Customized pricing available upon request.


octopus deploy

Best DevOps automation tool



Octopus Deploy is a sleek and modern solution designed for managing releases, automating deployments, and automating runbooks. Trusted by over 25,000 companies, including Microsoft, NASA, Xero, and Disney, Octopus connects software development teams, release managers, and operations professionals to eliminate information silos between departments.


  • Empowers developers, release managers, and operations professionals to centralize all automations in a single platform.
  • Over 400 step templates for quick-start deployments regardless of project complexity.


Integrates with Slack, Azure, Akamai, Amazon Chime, ApexSQL DevOps Toolkit, ASP.NET Core, AWS, Chocolatey, EdgeCast, Jasper, ClickOnce, Docker, F5, Gitlab, Hipchat, JIRA, Kubernetes, MariaDB, and others.


Free to use for up to 10 deployment targets. Paid plans start from $9/target/month.

Micro Focus Configuration Management System

Micro Focus Configuration Management System

The Micro Focus Configuration Management System serves as a versatile CMDB, equipped with hybrid IT and cloud discovery tools, service modeling, and service impact analysis. It empowers you to establish a comprehensive database, the single source of truth for asset discovery, proactive impact analysis, configuration files, and service dependency mapping.


Designed to efficiently handle data related to software, hardware, and cloud assets, as well as configuration, compliance, and potential vulnerabilities, Micro Focus provides a platform to build customized reports and workflow views. This ensures that the most crucial data remains prominently displayed for each user.


Micro Focus seamlessly integrates with various first-party connectors and third-party apps, including HPE Cloud Service Automation (CSA), HPE Enterprise Maps (HPE EM), HPE OneView, CyberArk AIM, ServiceNow, and Troux.


Customized pricing is available upon request, and the 21-day free trial allows you to experience the benefits firsthand. Visit our website to learn more and take advantage of this opportunity.


Start your journey with Micro Focus Configuration Management System and witness the seamless integration it offers, ensuring a robust and efficient management solution for your assets and configurations.

Additional configuration management tools

Explore additional configuration management tools that may not have made the top list but offer unique features and capabilities:


11. SaltStack– Recognized for its exceptional integrations.

12. Juju – Regarded as the best enterprise Content Management System (CMS).

13. Rudder – Acknowledged as the premier open-source configuration management tool.

14. Ansible – Praised for its ease of use, making configuration management straightforward.

15. TeamCity – Highlighted as the top free Content Management System (CMS).

16. Jira Service Management – Distinguished for its service maps providing detailed Configuration Item (CI) information.

17. Alloy Navigator – Noted for its outstanding capabilities in network inventory auditing.

18. Device42 – Acclaimed as the best Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with auto-discovery.

19. SolarWinds Service Desk – Recognized for its excellence in managing tickets and requests.

20. Freshservice – Praised as the best tool for efficient patch management.


These tools cater to various needs, from integrations and ease of use to enterprise-level capabilities and specialized functionalities. Depending on your specific requirements, these options expand the spectrum of choices for a comprehensive configuration management solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Configuration management (CM), also known as “asset control,” focuses on ensuring the proper functioning of a digital business infrastructure. IT teams engaged in configuration management oversee the entire IT environment to maintain, control, deploy, provision, and quality-check a managed system. This managed system encompasses software, physical servers, virtual servers, public and private clouds, networks, network devices, and storage.


A key concept in configuration management is “desired state configuration,” which involves configuring a system based on a description of its intended or desired state.

Configuration management (CM) is crucial for various reasons, contributing to the overall efficiency and reliability of a product or system. Here’s why CM is important:


  • Planning and Procedure: Helps plan each procedure and defines their duration of implementation.
  • Deliverable Breakdown: Breaks down components into deliverables for better organization.
  • Controlled Change Documentation: Documents controlled changes made to the system.
  • Status Tracking: Tracks the status of configuration items throughout their lifecycle.
  • Incident Tracking and Management: Facilitates tracking and managing incidents within the system.
  • Verification and Audit: Ensures verification and audit processes upon delivery.
  • Infrastructure Scaling: Allows scaling of a system’s infrastructure without disrupting its functionality.
  • Administrative Burden Reduction: Minimizes administrative burdens associated with scaling a system.

Configuration Management Software (CMS), also known as Software Configuration Management (SCM) software, is a crucial component in the realm of managed IT environments. In essence, it plays a vital role in enabling IT teams to maintain and monitor the functionality of a system within a comprehensive infrastructure. This software encompasses various components that collectively contribute to the effective management of IT systems. These components often include:


System Automation: Automation tools that streamline and optimize routine tasks, reducing manual intervention and enhancing efficiency.


Servers Configuration Management: Tools that facilitate the management and control of server configurations, ensuring consistency and reliability across the infrastructure.


CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment): Practices and tools that enable the continuous integration and deployment of software changes, promoting a more agile and iterative development process.


Security: Features and protocols designed to safeguard the system against potential threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring a secure IT environment.


Operations: Tools that help in monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing the overall operations of IT systems for optimal performance.


Compliance: Functionality to ensure that the IT environment adheres to regulatory requirements, industry standards, and internal policies.


Configuration Management Software is a holistic solution that addresses multiple facets of IT management, providing a centralized platform for overseeing and controlling various aspects of a system’s configuration. It contributes to maintaining a stable, reliable, and secure IT infrastructure by automating tasks, ensuring consistency, and facilitating continuous improvement through streamlined processes.

Absolutely, we offer post-development solutions (support and maintenance), encompassing the following:

Guidance 30-day bug backup Disclosure of any software vulnerabilities within the initial 30 days post deployment

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